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Aspharanta Complete Conquest Event

May 31st, 2021 By Rinzler

il y a 3 semaines

Available from "July 2021" and valid for 2 weeks only!!!

Once the 8.0 is online, we reserve a surprise only for the players who are most loyal to us!!!

We will do like the official KR server, we will give you a Lvl 80 max character full stuff:

[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate +5 Weapons Selection Box 2x
[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate +5 Armour Selection Box x5
[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate Accessory Selection Box x6
[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate Feather Selection Box x3

[Event] +9 Stigma Selection Box x9
[Event] Integrated Return Scroll [Elyos] x10
[Event] Integrated Return Scroll [Asmodians] x10
[Event] Yasba's Grace - Valid 1 Time x10
Transformation Scroll x100
Slot Stone x1000
Blessing Tincture x100

Kinah: 5 Millions.

*1 player per account.